Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | August 30, 2009

Change in the air

Fall is my favorite season.  Fall is the time when nature is in contradiction.  Tomatoes, apples, quinces, figs are ripening in the  garden.  Leaves are getting drier.  Birds are singing their chatter across the yards and fences.  The crazy squirrels are peeling and burying nuts all over the place – in pavement cracks, in planting beds, in flower pots.  The air changes.

I used to argue with my ex-husband that there were seasons here in California.  He insisted that there were only two: wet and dry.  I insisted that they were subtle, and that you had to pay attention for the signs.  Like the change in the air.

It smells of grass that is brown and drying.  Of smoke from barbecues and wild fires.  Of fruit fallen and fermenting.  Of sunscreen and binder paper and pie.

But it is the vibration of the season – almost a scent – that is magical.  I feel that it is the time to gather my energies and be productive.

Productive.  Right now I am beginning to mark my days by how productive I feel I’ve been.  I’ve been unemployed since early July.  Finances are tight in the house.  My daughter is returning to school.  My husband is busy with work projects.  And I…I am trying to be productive.

Yes, I’m looking for work.  And not finding what I need.  Along with thousands of other people in the area and nation (and world).  Every day I check  job listings.  I send inquiry letters.  I’ve updated my resumes and brainstormed with others.  But maybe I’m supposed to take this opportunity to rethink how I’m supposed to be productive.

So, now I am trying to…I mean, I am doing my best to learn some new skills – like blogging and using new software.  But I am also looking at how to incorporate things I love and feel into a way to earn a living.  Uh huh, right.  How do I make it economically feasible to make artisan jam, spin yarn, knit small necessities, do garden coaching and design, work with kids and seniors, and take care of myself and family?

It’s a big question.  It’s daunting in view of the fact the economy is lousy and people aren’t interested in spending money on luxury things, and schools and non-profits are scrambling for funding.   But I haven’t given up on finding the answer.

So in the meantime, I’ll take baby steps.  I’ll retreat to being productive with the backyard garden, knitting, spinning, cooking, and volunteering.  I’ll learn about sending my perspective of the world out from this blog.

Aunt Magaidh


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