Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | September 2, 2009

September Knitting

September.  Apples.  Soft golden light at dusk.  Fall is almost here.  And there are about 100 days til Christmas/Solstice/Hanukkah.  I have a LOT of knitting to do.  Oh boy, am I going to be busy.

I like making presents for the people on our giveaway list.  It is a challenge to make individualized presents for our beloved family and friends.  The problem is figuring out who on the list is WORTHY.

I’m sure you knitters out there understand that one.  You put your love into picking just the right pattern and color and such (dependent on your stash situation) into something…you spend the time creating the symbol of your affection…you want to be sure the recipient will appreciate it.   Most people who have received a handknit from our household has loved the gift and the affection behind it.

But I’ve had disappointments.  I’ve made bad judgements.  The worst was several years ago.  I knit some beautiful socks for a family member.  I found the perfect shade of spring.  The wool was soft, supple, and strong.  They were the right size.  They were of equal size!  They were carefully wrapped.  My husband assured me the recipient would love them.  And on Christmas morning I was patient and quiet while I waited for for the recipient to open the package.

“You gave me SOCKS?”

You knitters out there will understand the immense effort it took to not reach across the room in a split second and thoroughly throttle the recipient.  You’ll understand the absolute control it took to not use my laser vision to cook that person to charcoal.  Right. There. And. Then.  You will understand the deadliness in my voice – with just a hint of sarcasm – when I said, “THEY are HANDKNIT socks made custom for YOU.  I picked the yarn in your favorite color.  I made sure that they weren’t itchy.  But if you don’t like them, I’ll be glad to take them back and find something else for you.”  “Oh no.  That’s all right. ”

I knew I had been talking to an imbecile.  Every other person in the room knew that person was in trouble.  Even my 8-year-old daughter knew an unforgivable crime had been committed.  That person obliviously urged the next person to open a gift.

I’ve learned from my mistakes.  The person who so disrespectfully asked, “You gave me SOCKS?” is no longer on the list for handknits.  (Although that person later  told another family member that they were the most comfortable socks s/he has ever owned, s/he burned that bridge.)  And I now do a lot more research before putting  someone on that list.

So the culling of the list begins…mittens for one, slippers for another, a shawl for one.  Two scarves.   Some hats.  I will ask my beloved godchildren what they want this Christmas.  I’ve asked my niece what her sibling will like.  I will make something special for the charity that my knitting circle has selected to support this year.  I’m making a knit rubber chicken of my own design in yellow acrylic because my beloved now 15-year-old daughter specifically requested it.  The list is almost set.

Like I said.  It’s going to be a busy fall.




  1. I can’t wait for winter again so I can wear the hat/scarf/handwarmer combo you made me. They are lovely and I get many compliments when I wear them. Then I get to brag that my Aunt made them, by hand. Thanks again!

  2. P.S: I’m diggin’ the blog. Have you ever made pickled watermelon rinds? Everything I read about them sounds awesome!

    • No, I’ve never pickled watermelon rinds, but they taste good. The problem is getting old fashioned watermelons with THICK rinds…which you need to make the pickles. If you find me the melons, I’ll make the pickles with you!

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