Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | October 10, 2009

Kitty in my lap

It’s Saturday.  I have a kitty in my lap.

Brigit knows that morning is the time for some serious lap time.  For the last few months I start my day by firing up the computer and doing the online job search, email check, blog writing, and internet research.  Brigit has figured out that this is the the time to take advantage of a sedentary lap.  About the time my foot goes to sleep, I’m pretty much done with the morning  computer work.

It’s been a busy week.  I taught some prospective Rennies about garb; sewed a ton of stuff; sorted stuff for donation to the thrift store; attended a college prep meeting for parents; played chauffer to Daughter; chauffered my mom to the airport; did the weekly grocery shopping; did job search; researched…Where does the time go??  To various mundane and special events that make up our lives.

Today my family and I are still recovering from the sleep interruption of Friday’s lunar impact event.  My beloved hubby works at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland and so he started working at midnight.  My daughter and I got up to see the show at 2:15 am.  By the time the rocket was hitting the moon’s crater, there were over 200 people in the planetarium sharing yawns, coffee and the sense that we were watching history.  I loved the fact that the NASA folks dedicated the experiment to Walter Cronkite.  Classy.  Uncle Walt must have been smiling from whereever he was watching from.  The party broke up somewhere about 5 am.  So after a day of zombie imitation – we all still had school, chores, errands to do – we plopped home for recuperation.

But in our busy lives, weekends are when we catch up on the housey things.  There’s supposed to be a nice sized storm next week, so that means we are packing away the garden gazebo and furniture.  Husby has a repair project for the kitchen.  Daughter has homework and prep for PSAT.  I’ll be packing for the season’s last Ren Faire next weekend.  I’m also supposed to do some sewing and cooking and spinning today.  And have a job related phone call this afternoon.

Some Saturdays just beg to be lazy.  Eventually this one will be.

I hope.



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