Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | November 12, 2009

Veteran’s Day Adoption

For the last few days, the news and Facebook have been talking about Veteran’s Day and how we should honor veterans and active service military personnel.  Husby and I got to talking about how we felt that we wanted to support the service men and women…about how the sense that they were sacrificing, but we and most American aren’t sacrificing because of the wars.   (Well, except for the growing national debt due to the costs and the country’s reputation – but let’s not get caught in that quicksand.)  We had been talking about wanting to adopt a soldier for last year, but didn’t know how to do it…until tonight.

This afternoon we started researching the various groups that connect civilians with soldiers, and finally settled on the organization Any Soldier Inc., We read the requests and settled on a unit in Iraq that helps get other soldiers ready to come home.  Our soldier, Robert, is in charge of a unit of 18 soldiers, 14 men and 4 women.

We sent off our request for contact, and received contact information within minutes.  Suddenly, we have the potential to connect with 18 men and women stationed in Iraq.

I say potential because there is no guarantee that the soldiers will respond back.  And they are quite busy after all.  Especially since the group we’ve selected travels a lot.

Tomorrow, we’ll work on letters to send to the unit.  I’ll hit the discount store to look for some little treats for them: lotion, shampoo, chapstick.  But the website says that letters – personal messages to these soldiers – are the most important thing we can send to them, giving them a connection to home.

It’s a little daunting to think that our little family of 3 can try to support these soldiers.  It feels a bit audacious to reach out to these strangers.  But maybe that is what is needed – the audacity to move out of our comfort zone and offer new friendship to some soldiers far flung, to look for commonality with people we know nothing about.  At least not yet.

So wish us luck.

Aunt Magaidh


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