Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | December 4, 2009

Enter December…

Just a quick update.  I’m still regrouping after Thanksgiving crazies.

  1. Didn’t get the job I interviewed for in November.  Resilience is a good quality to nurture in oneself.  Good news: I was one of their top picks (but they aren’t hiring any of the people they interviewed).  Not so devastated this time.  Still waiting for decision from EDD judge re: getting unemployment.   Talking to a friend about working with him on a new business.
  2. Distracting self (re: unemployment and bank account) by sewing Dickens outfits and knitting muffatees.  Using stash for outfits!  Okay…except for the trims.  But using whatever I can from stash!  Looking forward to going to Dickens Fair…and remembering how bad things were for people in the mid-1800s in London.  Perspective is good.
  3. Baking pumpkin for soup. The weather has turned cold and soup will be good. (Tip: poke a hole in the squashes before baking…loud pop was heard when the spaghetti squash was baking whole.  Yep, it was a small explosion.) We are getting frost finally.  Yes, yes, those of you in colder climes will tease, but around here, with the Mediterranean climate and ocean influence, this is true seasonal change.  Harvesting last of herbs before they all turn brown and yucky looking.
  4. Made liqueur for next season at Ren faires.  Fall pears perfumed the air…but now they are sloshing in vodka with candied ginger and a twig of rosemary.  We’ll see what it looks like/smells like in about 6 months.  Might need to remove the rosemary before that.
  5. Winter gifts are nearly done.  Big push to finish after the 15th.  Still need to find the dead fish hat that has gone missing.  (See Knitty for the pattern.  Very fun.  Good stash buster.)
  6. Thankful for loving husby, daughter, and warm circle of family and friends.  This economy sucks.  Getting gun shy about listening to the evening news.  Although I know that a lot of people are hurting with the economy being what it is (including my household), it is good to remember that there are wonderful people in my world.
  7. I’ll write something better soon.



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