Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | December 31, 2009

Year End 2009

Here it is.  The end of the year.  Thank the Gods, Goddesses, and especially the Little Fishies!

But that means it’s time to assess where I’ve been during this last journey around the sun.

Career –
My 2009 started with a new job at what I thought would be a good job but ended up being a lesson in boundaries.  In a nutshell, it was a place I worked at for a paycheck despite misgivings I quickly got in the first month.  (The in-office bible study sessions were a tip off.  As was the high employee turnover for the past 2 years.)   They asked me to do unethical things regarding another employee.  I could have just bowed under the pressure and followed the instructions, played the game and sold my belief systems.  Instead I chose to leave.  Because I wouldn’t do what they asked, and I expected they’d get punitive, I quit (with good cause said the judge).  The company never expected that someone would do that.  Nor did they expect me to challenge them through the unemployment hearing system.  Takeaway message: When push went to shove and I felt like I was in a dark, dank place,  I learned that I NEEDED to do the right thing- to be willing to walk away and return to the light and air.  Boundaries are important; being ethical is important.  Trust my guts.  If someone seems shady, don’t invest time and energy hoping it isn’t shady.  Thoughts and wishes are powerful.  It’s time for choosing good and happy work.

Given the career issues (and hence, the financial issues), I learned about stress as it manifests in the body.    Stress can be skin eruptions, heart palpitations, weight gain, moodiness, depression, tooth grinding.  Hoo boy.  Then  let’s add a diagnosis of early menopause to the mix.  Oh — and the cracked tooth that led to multiple root canal work, then extraction.  Fun, fun, fun.  The good news is that I made sure to talk to my doctor and dentist.  They were great at making sure that I didn’t run away on the self-medicating track.  I learned what was normal and what I could do non-medicinally for myself.  I had to go through some pain, but here on the other side, I find I’m more mentally able to commit to healthy changes.  Small ones, but changes.   I  try to listen more carefully to what my body was telling me.  I now use a bite guard at night.  I also have taken advantage of being “in between jobs” by walking with some friends who are also “between jobs”.  We talk and walk and laugh and bounce plans off of each other.  It’s been a great support group of 5, including 2 dogs.
Takeaway message: Become aware of  patterns and triggers.  Check with your doctor about even the little things – she can help.  Take baby steps and build on them.  Your body is your friend…and you need to take care of your friend!

This year I found that I turned to hobbies and friends for fun, especially in light of the crazy career stuff that was eating me up.  Knitting was a great teacher.  My knitting group was especially wonderful.  They became a sounding board for the job problems, the solutions, sharing challenges over the knots of yarn and dropped stitches.  When the grind of mind eating drudgery  got too much this summer, I looked forward to playing with my reenactment guild and planned projects (spinning projects, historical cooking).  When I started feeling like I was losing my admin skills, I started this blog.  It forces me to think about what I’m doing, if there’s anything worth sharing with others, and to learn something new (Eek! Technology!!) When money became an issue, I looked for cheap/free things to do that were fun for me.  Potlucks, walks and errands with my beloved Husby, volunteering, have a bonding day with my Daughter, indulging in a good book at the library, ethnic cooking.  Takeaway message: Feel like a dinosaur? Go learn new stuff.  Feel overwhelmed? Do not go into isolation, just slow down.  Do things with nice people.

And how shall I approach the coming year?  Hopefully with a little more focus.  Resolutions can be a tool, especially since I’m publishing it here for all to see.  So here I go:

  1. Walk 2 miles, 3 times a week, minimum.  This helps me keep flexible and reduces stress.  It’s nice to be outside.  It’s good to visit the neighborhood and say hello to people.  My doctor likes this resolution.  Actually, I like this resolution.
  2. Knit lace.  It provides a challenge for my brains.  Little gray cells need exercise.   I will not be afraid of a little math.  Really.
  3. Eat more healthily.  Less carbs, better portion control, more water.  (It’s all about discipline.) Cut my sodium intake.  (Argh. This is the hard one.) We don’t eat poorly in the house, just too much.
  4. Find a job where I can be happy and productive.  And really focus on finding work that jibes with what makes me tick.  A happy worker is a more effective and efficient worker.  Really.  I know this about myself.  When I love my job, I’m a GREAT employee.
  5. Listen to my spirit, my body, and my community.  Take time to be involved with people I like.  Listen to my intuition – about people, places, things, myself.  Take time to be with myself.

So happy new year to you, dear reader.  Congratulations on making the trek around the sun.  Welcome 2010.  May the coming year bring happiness, good fortune, health and peace to our little blue planet and it’s inhabitants.

Aunt Magaidh


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