Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | February 2, 2010

When yarn goes bad

After days of annoyance (wanting to find a simple but nice pattern for a special yarn from Ireland), ripping out the border three times (to make it look nice with limited yardage), finally finishing the thing (ripping and reknitting takes time), and blocking it (to get the yarn to look its best)…

The finished mossy Irish wool shawl

a single strand of yarn had the gall to break.

Disaster. (Gasp. Whimper.)

Feel free to curse or scream in my honor.  (Frogging will happen when I gain my strength back.)




  1. GAAAKKK!!! It’s a good thing you are such a talented knitter! Fixing that disobedient strand will be a breeze:) We’ll never know it was even there when you finish… BAD YARN…Naughty, Naughty!

    • I frogged that puppy back to the size of half a quesadilla…it was painful, but I did it at my knitting group so that I had morale support (and my friend Cate to ball the yarn). Then I REKNIT that sucker. It has turned out nicely. I’ll post pictures soon.

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