Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | February 4, 2010

Is it faire season yet?

Here we sit in February.  A nice short month.  And having just finished attending a guild planning meeting and a MIMIFI (mend-it-make-it-fix-it) event, I’m looking out the window and thinking, “Is it faire season yet?”

Nope.  Not yet.

First we go to the Renaissance Symposium, a lovely weekend (Feb. 19, 20 and 21) of workshops that teach a variety of skills, history, or tidbits about the life, clothes, fighting, etc. that is reenacted at Renaissance faires.  It’s a fun little whirlwind of crash courses. (Here’s the link and registration information – .)  I’ve taken classes in  Scottish Accent (different from BFA- Basic Faire Accent), English Country Dancing (whoops- not my strong point), The Wool Trade (history of the wool guilds and economy), and Costuming for Peasants and Middle Class.  I taught Drop Spinning 101 last year.

This year I’ll be learning about the spice trade, Renaissance pirates/privateers (my character is a fisherman’s daughter in Scotland, I figured I’d be well served by learning what sailors would have been around my family stomping grounds), and how to sew a customized doublet.

Then the preparation begins.  My family will start the faire season in April.  I’ll be pulling out the plastic totes of garb and accessories to check for repairs and airing out wrinkles. I’ll help a new “foster” daughter figure out her garb to join us at faire.  I’ll sort out which spinning projects I want to do for the season. (There is a nice fluffy brown begging to become something.)  I’ll start asking the guild’s dye maven what colors she’s planning on so I can spin up some white yarn for our demonstrations and my home stash enhancement.  I’ll start planning supper menus for the events that allow fire. (There’s a custard calling to me…and I really must figure out what I want to cook on the new guild spit!)  In another couple of months, I’ll finish decanting the liqueurs I’ve planned for competition at faire and for sharing with Rennie friends. (Husby has named the table of cordials brewed in our guild “The Brogue Bar” – his faire accent is much better after a little sampling of the selection there.)  Oh.  And I will be trying to learn to speak with a Scottish accent.  (Heavens help me!)

So as the winter rain falls, I’m already thinking of the summer.  And getting ready!


(2/10/10 – They have updated the Renaissance Symposium Class Schedule.  They added 2 Scots-focused classes!  Just in case you were interested.)


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