Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | April 30, 2010

Tomorrow is a Make-It-Mend-It-Fix-It

Tomorrow is a guild day: a MIMIFI – a Make-it-mend-it-fix-it event.  Which means wear your grundgies, we’re gonna get messy.  And I’ve got to remember to bring work gloves!

It means bonding with guildmates over fireproofing gunk, dusty carpets, and binding of rope ends.  MIMIFIs are when we do the housekeeping for the faire season, checking on our encampment equipment, repairing the ties for our pavillion/tent/thingy, sorting out the craft and game and kitchen supplies.

It also means that my family is so much closer to going to the next big faire of the season: Valhalla!  Things to do:

  1. Packing for Tahoe in June – wondering if it’ll be sunny and bright or slushy and damp. Thank goodness we portray Scots – we have wool which comes in handy in the mountain environment.
  2. Review bear country camping etiquette.  No, do not leave food or toiletries in the tent or car!!
  3. Review fire safety rules.  We’ll be in a forest.  Please, no stupid human tricks with matches, cigarettes, or hot coals!

Oh yeay!  Excitement!

Oops.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  First, we have to get ready for the faire.  That means I need to alter the 2 bodices for Daughter, check the skirts for fastenings, sort through the spinning supplies, and ask about participants for our Stone Soup meals.

But yeay!  Valhalla Ren Faire is the first big faire and we love going to it.  We’ll see people we haven’t seen since last season.  We’ll look forward to the after-hours campfires.  We’ll prepare to wave at all the tourists on the highway that runs by the front gate trying to lure them in to faire during our turn at meet-and-greet.  We’ll have a dyepot!  We’ll try to get patrons to do the picking and carding of wool so we don’t have to.  We’ll search the ale stands for cherry cider.  We’ll go shoppies for lovely fun stuff like a cast iron tripod…

But first we do the MIMIFI tomorrow.  And I will be patient.  Or at least try.  (Sigh.)




  1. I am SO envious. Knowing that my surgery is on May 13th, it appears that Tim and I will not be able to attend Valhalla this year, and I was SO looking forward to it.

    Have cider for me, eat well, no bears, and be safe. Love you all!

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