Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | July 13, 2010

A Shout Out for AntiCraft Because They Made My Day

I was surfing Ravelry when I followed a link for a pattern back to one of my favorite websites/blogs/whatever.

The AntiCraft.

They are brilliant.  They are exactly what I needed today.  See them here –

With all the crafty things I do, I tend to get a little boxed in by how people see me.  One of my favorite nieces tells her friends about me making jam and knitting and sewing and gardening and making cordials – and those friends expect a little granny of a woman.   Then when these friends meet me, they do a double take.  I am not what they had pictured.

This is why I love The AntiCraft.  They make me laugh.  They have a terrific sense of humor.  They are the perfect antidote for my funky mood.

They have recipes like Stonehenge in bacon ( and lavender lemonade (  They have knitting patterns for very, very, very non-mainstream projects.  (Do YOU know what a merkin is?  I didn’t. Now I do.) They have wit.

So this is just a “shout out” to a great site that more people should know about.  Well… people who have a dark side to their crafting, cooking and thinking.    Enjoy if you fit this description.  Pass it by if you really are the little granny who doesn’t understand why a teenager would dye her hair blue.

Thank you AntiCraft! You saved my morning!



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