Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | July 27, 2010

Knitting on vacation – or is it spinning?

I’m getting ready for the family vacation…and procrastinating.   It means that I have to find my “amusements” to pack, and that just gets so frustrating.  Do I pack knitting?  Do I pack spinning?  Do I pack a book that I’ll probably ignore in favor of knitting or spinning?  Likewise the watercolor paint kit?

I figure I better take both knitting and spinning.  Otherwise I am too tempted to buy yet another pair of needles and “just one ball of yarn”. (The stash doesn’t need one more oddball bit of yarn.)   I’ve also learned that I need to carry a spindle and some fiber with me because of the same tendency.

So what do I take?

Knitting.  Should it be the raglan sweater I started last winter and stopped when I had to start counting at 1/2 done?  Should it be the mindless shawlette?  A washcloth?  A new project that might get finished while on the trip?  (Could happen!  If it’s a one skein cardigan that fits a child.  Right.)

Spinning will probably be the yummy green merino and the spindle and some baggies to hold the cops that I will finish.  Or…maybe it’ll be the Colonial wool in blue that is virgin, untouched and in a bag ready to go.  I have an empty Magpie spindle that would work with it.  ‘Course I usually try to find fiber at some shop or farmers market while on vacation…and Arcata is known for having some artisan shops and fiber suppliers.  Hmmm.

I’ll pack a tiny paperback novel.  I’ll probably take the watercolors so that I can paint when we get to Oregon Caves National Monument.  I’ve painted in Yosemite, Yellowstone, Pt. Reyes, and Big Basin.  It would be a shame to not do something when we’re at this park.

Then again, I may take the experimental corsets that I’m sewing for faire.  There are a lot of eyelets that need sewing.

I’m doomed.

Good thing we’re not camping this time.  There’s room in the car.

Catch you later.  I’ll let you know what I actually took.



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