Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | July 29, 2010

Because someone told me to check this out

So with all the emphasis on historical accuracy and garb/costume/faire clothing (pick you favorite term), someone sent me a fabulous link to check out.  Now I share with you.

This is a lovely posting from the blog of  the same lady who made that lovely ensemble that is inspiring me to do more sewing in the next few weeks.  (We’ll see how successful that goal is…ask me in mid-August.)  And how can you argue with a title of  “I want to nibble on your brains…”?

I love that this posting is really about being nice to other people and using your manners.  Isn’t that what we should be focusing on?

(Gee, I’ve used the word “love” or “lovely” a lot today.  I think I need to go find a Beatles album now…)

Anywaaaayyyyy… enjoy the post.  I’m adding this lady to my favorites on the blog bar.  See you in a while.




  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing. ‘Comments’ can easily slip out and this article is a nice reminder to ‘mind what you say’. We, none of us, have perfect garb. So we, all of us, should be enouraging of others.

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