Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain, Happy Days of the Dead

Tonight the streets are bustling with goblins and witches, telletubbies and angels, ninjas and princesses.  But if you take away the veneer of commercialism, the plastic and polyester — you find an echo of the past.

In the  far off past, people lit candles to offer comfort from the dark and bribed the tricksters to leave them in peace

For those who had courage, they asked the spirits to share their wisdom from the other side of the veil or consulted the oracles.

For those who loved their families, they constructed offrendas in honor of the Days of the Dead to remember the departed and to ask for guidance and protection.

As the lights and sounds fade away, and the stillness comes on this All Hallow’s Eve, take a moment to breathe in the darkness and reconnect with the ancient memories stored in our collective unconscious.

Happy Days of the Dead, Happy Samhain, Happy Halloween.  Blessed be.


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