Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | November 1, 2010

November 2nd is almost here – we’re almost done with the political ads!

Finally.  The end is in sight.  November 2nd is tomorrow.

The ads are almost gone.  The negative campaigning will finally stop.  (We won’t talk about the impending onslaught of holiday shopping mania.  Ick.)

I’m sure some of you are just as tired of the political ads as I am.  Tired of the unclear wording.  Beaten to a near zombie state by the rhetoric and fear mongering.  Exhausted by trying to figure out who is backing which proposition or measure or candidate.  It’s just too much.  So. Tired.

But one thing caught my attention a couple of days ago.

It was a request from a family friend to make the committment to vote.

She didn’t ask me to vote to her way of thinking.  She didn’t espouse a given party or cause or philosophy.  She never stated whether she was a conservative or liberal or progressive or radical – no comment on Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Independent or Teacups.

She simply asked me to commit to voting on November 2nd.  And to remember all the people who have died to give me the RIGHT to vote.

It was a no brainer for me.  I’ve voted in every election since I  was 18.  Local and national elections.  Even the ones where there weren’t any candidates, just measures.

Phyllis, I’ll be voting on November 2nd, no fear.

But I also had to think about the 19 year old I just met who doesn’t have that same commitment – who hasn’t figured out that now that he is paying taxes and registered for the draft, he should make sure to exercise his right.  I thought of a friend who thinks the government is bogus and regularly skips all elections and yet complains about his taxes and limitations put on him by laws passed by his community.   I thought of a young woman I know who doesn’t see the connection between voting and why her college doesn’t have funding.  I thought about my grand aunt who, stricken with last stage cancer, got permission for her grandson to physically hold her up in the voting booth so she could cast her vote in the last election of her life several years ago.  I thought of my grandparents and their generation who really had a fight to get to the polls and express their political voices.  I thought of the suffragettes who were tortured to get me the right to vote.  I thought of the people who live in countries or communities where they aren’t allowed to vote – either by law or intimidation or violence.  I thought of the service men and women who are far from home and dependent on mail in ballots to give voice to their choices even as they put their lives at risk to support voting rights in foreign lands.

For those of you out there, please, think of these people.  Think of the people you care about.  Think of yourself.  Think of everything included in this election that can affect you  – your representation, taxation, and rights.  Don’t throw away your chance to raise your voice.

Please.  Vote on November 2nd.




  1. I will!!!

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