Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | November 14, 2010

An avalanche of knitting…just in time for winter

So…we pulled the boxes from the garage…it’s a ritual we go through each November when we inventory gifts that we’ve collected for Christmas, Hannukah, and Solstice gifts.

And I pulled out the finished knitting projects that I’d squirreled away for giving for winter gifts this year.

Oh my goodness.

Knitting is an addiction, isn’t it.  At least I know it is a hobby that has purpose.

  • 3 pairs Fingerless mittens – worsted and bulky weight.
  • 12 16 Hats – red, gray, green, black, blue…adult and kid and baby sizes.   Oh yeah, I also knit 4 bulky weight hats for giving to a local homeless shelter. And that doesn’t include the three baby hats that I gave away earlier in the year.
  • 3 Cowls – one in yellow to blue variegated, one in bulky blue, one in mohair/acrylic mix
  • 5 Scarves – really?!  I hate knitting scarves, but I did them in boucle ivory, teal chenille (two of them), green mohair
  • 2 Wraps – one in brown, one in fall colors
  • 1 pair Socks – made to mismatch on purpose for a goddaughter who is a Harry Potter fan…I figured I’d do the Hermione Granger thing of knitting single socks to liberate house elves.  (But I made the socks the same size so that the kid can wear them. )
  • And a couple of other novelty items that I can’t describe here because the recipients don’t know about them and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  (I’ll update you guys after Xmas.)

Here are a few photos.

Most of this stuff was made with yarn from stash.  Yes, I’m still in the stash reduction mode. I’ve really been trying to use the commercially made yarns for the give away projects for the last couple of years.  Let’s just say, I still have enough commercial yarn to cover next year’s gifts as well.  (You fellow knitting addicts understand this.  You are in the same boat.)

My handspun yarn is piling up.  I’m trying to figure out what kinds of projects I want to spin for… so that I make yarn that is perfectly matched for the projects I envision myself making.

Yeah, right.  That’s an addict talking.  Don’t trust her.

But at least the stash is shrinking.  And winter gifts are almost done for the year.  And we stayed in the gift budget.  That’s all good.

So.  How’s your last-minute knitting?  December is coming soon!




  1. You are just a hair ahead of me concerning holiday knitting. I don’t actually knit for everyone every year. Some people get something this year, some next year. Some for their birthdays instead or just because I want to make them something.
    This year, my niece was the first to recieve a handspun gift. (she’s very good to her knits. she’s passed the test.)I too, would like to finish up most of my commercial yarn in order and spin up enough to stoke my own fire.
    To both of us—good luck with that!

  2. Hey…come December, it’s spinning wheel time! We’ll have a spinning party!

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