Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | December 8, 2010

And guess what I’m doing this weekend…

Yeay!  Saturday we are going to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair!  This is our family jumpstart to the Christmas season.  So…here is the quick impression …

1. Dug out the Dickens costumes.

2. Couldn’t find the bonnet I created last year!  Grrrr.

3. Helped Daughter brainstorm a Steampunk inspired outfit. (December 11th is when Steampunk invades the fair.)

4. Tried to convince Husby he’d look wonderful in a costume.  (He’s still not buying it.)

5. Corrupting another of Daughter’s best friends and taking him with us this weekend.  I’ve already sent over a pair of wool slacks and a waistcoat.

6. Deciding if I want to buy my glass fountain pen this year…or a new bonnet.

7. Looking forward to the spiced sugared nuts, cider or a cuppa, a waltz, the giant squid feeding, Queen Victoria sightings, listening to a story from Mr. Dickens, corset oogling at Dark Garden, and roasted chestnuts.   Must study the map:

8.   Dreading ironing.  (My dress is cotton…with lots of yardage.  Wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles.)

If you are interested in going, and I highly recommend it, here is the link:  The food is good, the music fun, the characters and streets amazing.



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