Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | December 25, 2010

I have five minutes

The house is quiet.  It is Christmas morning and I have five minutes to gather my thoughts.  The cat sits in my lap and makes bread while I think of what I have to do this morning.

But first I take stock.  I think of  the Christmas tree standing dark and it reminds me of the mornings as a kid when I would creep out to the living room before anyone else, plug in the tree, cover myself in a blanket, and sit watching the lights reflecting off the ornaments.

I think of my grandfather and his pool of calm as everyone else scurried around making Christmas dinner.  Usually he smoked a cigar, but in the winter he’d sometimes change to a pipe.  I can almost smell the smoke…sweet and mellow  – or acrid tang if it was the cigar.  That pipe now sits on my mantle.

I think of the strangers I’ve shared random smiles with while passing in the street.  I think of the homeless man I once gave my mittens to outside of a coffee shop over 20 years ago.  I wish him peace where ever he is.  I think of the soldiers far away from home taking solace in their comrades.  I think of the children going about their chores in their homes in lands very different from mine.  I think of other mothers musing over what they must do today.

I remember my dogs from childhood, whom we’d decorate with wrapping and ribbons on Christmas morning.  They were good dogs, except when they’d find the See’s candy box.

I think of the friends from the past – some who have melted away, some who left suddenly, some who were taken, some who moved on.   I remember them with warmth, a few with tears.   I think of the friends I’ve made this year who have warmed my spirit.

I think of the family and friends that will gather at our table later today, and look forward to the laughter and hugs.  Of the messy dishes and leftovers packed in recycled pie tins I’ve hoarded for the last year that they will take to be warmed up tomorrow.  I think of the quiet that will finally descend over our homes as the day ends and we drift off in slumber.

Ah.  I hear footsteps.  My five minutes are up.

May this day bring you moments of warmth and memory and love and peace.  Happy Christmas.



  1. You make my heart melt and my eyes tear up with happiness. I hope you and your family had a very Merry. All my love!!

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