Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | December 29, 2010

Dear Election Winners… as Inaugeration Day approaches

Dear Election Winners – at local, state, and national levels –

Now that you’ve won, don’t get cocky.  As Inauguration Day approaches and you can feel the excitement build, remember that you are part of a tradition of civility and orderly change.  This is a time when you are called to do good work for the entire community…not just the people who voted for you.  Did you notice my use of the word “civility”?

I would like to remind you that there are a ton of us out here that are hurting.  And that whether we voted for you or not, we expect you to help us out of this mess that we’re in.  You are supposed to represent ALL of us, not just your supporters.

How about we also focus on the word “unify”?  Right now, I am stunned and disheartened by how mean-spirited politics has gotten, how manners in political action groups are now working on berating and attacking rather than showing differences and offering solutions.  When was the last time you – yes, you specifically – worked on creating a solution that unified diverse groups of people?  When was the last time you worked on a solution that wasn’t rigidly determined by your party platform?

When was the last time you went and listened (not talked to, but LISTENED) to people in your communities without having them selected beforehand?  Have you been to a grocery store at the end of the month?  Have you visited a local job fair in the last 6 months and noted who is there?  (You may be surprised by the ages of the attendees.) Have you gone to a college prep night at a local high school this year and listened to parents and students as they talk to counselors and recruiters about scholarships and job markets?  There might be something for putting on a disguise and just blending in at a local event to see how people are dealing with things right now.

(Have you ever watched the movie, “Dave”?  Really, I think all politicians should watch that movie.  That and “V for Vendetta”. )

You should be focusing on the things that will

  • get us employed
  • provide us with affordable and accessible health care
  • protect our environment and health, because they are connected
  • help us provide a better future for our kids.

Please note that I did not emphasize that you should help large corporations make record profits.  Please note that I did not suggest that you increase divisiveness in our communities.  Please note that I did not specify that only some people should be helped.

I suggest that you NOT continue to focus on philosophical ideology.  I would suggest that you NOT focus on continuing to antagonize your opponents and adopting a “winner take all” mentality.

I would suggest that you focus on the people who make less than $100,000/year.  I would suggest that you focus on people who are playing by the rules and getting caught in the middle without help from the government or the corporations or the pundits or the tax loopholes.  There are a lot of us.

Times are hard.  I understand that there aren’t a lot of resources.  But I also know that there is a lot of waste that goes on…or a reliance on methods that have been used in the past.  In hard times, we have to get creative, think outside of comfortable boxes,  and even challenge the old ways of doing things.

And while we’re at it, please know that I’m not stupid.  So please understand that I want to know that you are protecting my rights and supporting the Constitution, not playing to the lowest common denominator of inflammatory sound bites and exploiting people’s fear.

Please, be practical.  Please, play fair.    Please, make sure that you spread the pain around in a balanced way.  Deal with the fact that you are supposed to focus on equality and compassion and serving THE PEOPLE, all of the people.

There are a lot of us out here that have been playing by the rules and not getting a fair shake – so if you start getting stupid, we’re going to remember it.  You got elected this last time, but you may be voted out next time.

Your constituent,



1/10/11 – Dear Readers,

In light of the recent events in Arizona, please consider how you personally can help in using civil language when you talk about these divisive trends in our politics and society.  We must be the change we want to see.




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