Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | March 3, 2011

And this year’s Spring musical is Once Upon A Mattress

33 costumes.

Costume parade is April 1st.  (How appropriate.)

Can you guess where Aunt Magaidh has been for the last few weeks?

I once again volunteered to be the Costume Wrangling Parent Volunteer for the Sow’s Ear Sweatshop…to make costumes for the school play at San Leandro High School.

Last spring I had a scant 4.5 weeks to pull the costumes together for the production of Les Miserable.  This year I planned ahead.  This year’s teacher gave me a heads up in the fall semester that we would be doing Once Upon A Mattress.  I started collecting and shmoozing people for donations.

Major score:  the ladies at the local thrift shop – The George Mark Children’s House Treasures Thrift Shop – donated EVERY FORMAL DRESS THEY HAD IN STOCK! Bless those ladies!  And they threw in the upholstery fabric that wasn’t selling.  And they still let me come and run through the donations that they can’t put on the floor to sell.  And they keep an eye out for the oddball props that I need – wooden buckets, hourglasses, crowns, etc.  (If you live in San Leandro area, please go shop at their store.  They raise money for the local hospice center that caters to children with terminal illnesses – the only hospice center in the country that focuses on kids.)

I’ve also haunted the Goodwills, the St. Vincent de Paul, and Thrifttown shops, as well as stopped into a couple of thrift stores in areas where I travel.  I stalk the fabric dept of the Walmart (evil empire…) because every once in a while there is a screaming deal: 100% cotton in medium weight for $1.50 a yard!!  I look at estate sale freebies and reimagine the linens.  Yes, I can turn a hideously styled curtain and stained table cloth into a costume.  Just try me.

So that is the quick check.  I’ll update after this weekend.  It’s the first official sewing day for the play (although the second really) and I hope to make a huge dent in the do list.  I gotta load the truck with the stuff cluttering my livingroom, so it may be a little while before I update you folks who check on me.

See you at the lint pile.



  1. If you still need a crown, let me know. My daughter was Miss California National Teenager in 2009 and has a sworovski crystal crown that might work. And we live in San Leandro – just a short 5 minute drive or so away from the SLHS.

    • I always say yes to hard to find items! I’ll email you to get your address. We had to borrow all the crowns for this show, but I expect that there will be a need for a crown again. If you are interested in donating the crown, we’ll adopt it!

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