Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | April 8, 2011

Twenty days to go til “Mattress”

Opening Night is in 20 days.

We had costume parade last Friday.  Mostly good.  Some challenges to take on.  The Nightingale is in progress under the skilled hands of the professional costumer mom, Ms. Jane.  I’m working on a few last-minute modifications.

Oh – I did the happy dance last week when I saw the dressing rooms! THERE IS A WASHER AND DRYER IN ONE OF THEM!!!!  OMG!!!!  That is such a miracle, cuz ya know, some of these teenagers really have hormones raging and some of these costumes are gonna need a wash to make it through the dress rehearsals and 8 performances that are scheduled.

Tomorrow is castle assembly day.  We take all the pieces we’ve built or collected and start putting them together to attach to rigging and such.  This is the trickiest bit as the theater is still not quite released to the district/school.

The latest saying among the volunteer builders/costuming crew is “breathing and vertical”.  This is a good thing.  Stress regarding the last- minute communication snafus is giving us the opportunity to take a breath and come together to dream up solutions.

The cast is so good.  Yes, there are some wrinkles to iron out, but the kids are so good.

The crew continues to be that solid group that people keep forgetting about.   These kids rock even if you never see them.    They really care about this production.  I’ve met some great kids this semester.  For example, Miguel is spectacular – good spirit and quick mind.  I hope he considers taking a couple theater tech classes in college.  And for those that continue to underestimate them – without stage crew there are only naked people in the dark saying things on stage you can’t hear.

So.  Off I go.  I have to finish up a couple things, make a few phone calls and respond to emails.  (Yes, I’m still coordinating volunteers.)  Catch you in a few when I’ve reclaimed my living room from boxes.  (I can see a swathe of carpet!)

Aunt Magaidh

Opening night for Once Upon A Mattress is April 28th.  Here is the website link for you to get tickets.  Come support our production!


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