Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | August 21, 2011

Um… what do you mean it’s school again? Really?

The end of summer is imminent.  School starts for Daughter on Wednesday.  I’m in shock.    I don’t know how it got this late in the season!  Let’s just say that this summer was not on my agenda.  It totally missed my calendar.

Let’s start with June: First, the weather has been goofy.  Wearing my cool season clothes doesn not make for summer fashion.   We squeezed in  going to one Renaissance faire in June (Valhalla Renaissance Faire) where it was damp and cold one weekend, and mild the next.  This was followed by my annual root canal adventure and dental diet.

July was about the busy-ness at work that made me yearn for weekends that were overbooked and filled with projects that never seemed to get started on time or finished as expected (or not even finished yet).  I did get some spinning done.  I got some fiber sorting done.  I did get a couple of knitting projects finished.  Okay, I guess I was more productive than I thought.

In the beginning of August, our summer family vacation suddenly appeared when I was ready to curl up into a little ball of stress, with an extra scoop of tweaking my back.  Off we went for a week  in Oregon, checking out Crater Lake one day,

Magaidh and Daughter and Crater Lake

little historical towns a couple of days, met some alpaca (Alpacas at Lone Ranch – who make some lovely fiber (that Daughter then cajoled me into buying to spin and knit something for her)

Magaidh and new alpaca friend

and finishing with a couple of days checking out Southern Oregon University for Daughter.

Daughter standing in a gate at SOU

Yes, we visited Harry and David’s store and loaded up on lots of good local brews and ciders, but better yet, we found some fabulous eateries:

Taprock Northwest Grill in Grant’s Pass has some fine food at decent prices.  Loved the oysters, while Husby had a major love affair with a BLTA, and Daughter had a burger.  Beer was good!

Rogue Creamery in Central Point, OR.  Cheese, Grommit!! REALLY good cheese.   (   We bought a couple pieces of two of their blue cheeses – the original and the smoky one.  Yum!  Then these guys pointed toward Jasper’s Cafe for burgers…

Beckie’s Cafe in Union Creek on the highway going to Crater Lake. GET THE BERRY PIE.  NOW!

Jasper’s Cafe in Medford, OR.  Yes, meat may be murder…but it is tasty, tasty murder here!  People are great and friendly and helpful.  John the owner made sure we got the name of a good breakfast place in Ashland.

Laughing Buddha Rice Bowls and Boba Tea, in Medford.  Really nice people and a fix for our kind of comfort food while travelling.

Munchies in Ashford.  We went here twice in 2 days.  Nuff said.  Just wish I’d had enough room to order the pies that looked good in the dessert case.

Larry’s Cakes, in the basement, in Ashford.  They have some FABULOUS cupcakes.  Go look!!  I went with Celestial Rose and loved the creamy filling surprise it had.  Next time we’ll try more flavors!

Morning Glory, Ashford, OR.  We stopped here before going on the campus tour.  Large servings, great atmosphere, big mugs.

The Black Sheep Pub – Ashland.  Thank goodness.  Good food.  We went for “elevensies” and walked out stuffed to the gills with British breakfast, Scotch egg, scones with clotted cream and jam, and good, strong, black tea!  We’ll go back for their specials nights when we return to Ashland.  Maybe for the aerial rope night or darts or Spotted Dick…

But onward…we’re back to the urban life and pace.  Last week, Daughter registered for her senior year at high school.  I’m catching up on work left on my desk at work.  There’s a bunch of sewing I have to do for a faire in a few weeks. Oh, and I volunteered to help with my high school class reunion.

We still have a few more weeks before autumn comes.  Yes, let’s see how much summer we can pack in!

Aunt Magaidh



  1. I’ve missed your writing. So nice to see you online again!

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