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Being the parent of a high school senior and the fall play…via Facebook status updates

Yes, I’ve been missing in action again.  But I have a good excuse.  Daughter is a senior this year and we’ve been very busy with the researching of colleges, filling out applications, meeting with a college counselor, and working on the fall play.

This is the second fall play that Daughter is the Stage Manager.  We have a new drama teacher (again).  And, yes, I volunteered to help with the costumes again.  It’s the last year that Daughter is in high school and we have been doing our best to support the theater program these last 3 years, so we’re in it for the long haul.

But that means that with all the fall activities (including working, visiting Occupy Oakland, and keeping groceries in the house) and scrounging costumes and props for the play, I haven’t kept up with this blog.  I have been updating my Facebook status.  So I figured I’d give you a snapshot of the last couple of weeks by sharing those statuses.

Oct 11 –“Score! Got some useful stuff at thrift shop for school play. I love it when the kids start to get excited by their costumes…suddenly they start to know that the performance is real. All part of the process. So much fun to watch.”

Oct 17 –“Straight jacket for play is finished. Next…locating some very large suits for our big guys. Yep, costume for school play is in full swing.”

Oct 23 –“Being a feminist takes work…having to write a letter to one of Daughter’s teachers and bring up an issue because he is not thinking of the ramifications of a request that makes her sacrifice her own goals for his/group’s. Wow. The subtleties. Yes, the need for feminist thinking and action continues.”

Oct 24 –“Strongly worded letter is being delivered to Daughter’s teacher – questioning request that she accommodate needs of group without strong benefit to her. We’ll see how this goes. At least Papa Bear is standing with Mama Bear on this one.”

Oct 26 –“Knitting as distraction…yes, yarn and needles sooth the nerves as I watch the unrest in our communities.”

Oct 27, two posts – “Wondering if the police is really reviewing procedures, especially since there are more than the Oakland Police are involved.”

Oakland’s police review body looks into clashes between officers and protesters after Iraq war veteran suffered fractured skull

“Looking forward to positive volunteering today and this weekend. With all the negativity flying around, I am glad that I volunteer on community projects. Today is school play stuff. Saturday is helping homeless people. What are you volunteering to do this week?”

Oct 28 – “Today…must look for more costume pieces for play, drop off a borrowed wagon, schedule to pick up a sofa on Sunday for drama teacher, do laundry, make pumpkin soup…but I just want to nap and knit instead. And I am curious about what Occupy Oakland looks like, but am not sure I want to make the trip or deal with the craziness I suspect is there. I’ll probably end up frozen in my indecision. At least it is Friday.”

Oct 30 – I shared a link from one of Daughter’s teachers, “Hey! Help us get this for our school! This is the stuff that gets students EXCITED about learning!!!”

Physics students need to see cool and memorable demonstrations. Help us shatter frozen flowers, implode aluminum cans, and see particles streaming through a cloud chamber. My students love cool… My students need liquid nitrogen storage so we can use our cloud chambers. We actually have around 10…
Nov 1 – “You know how I’ve always been thankful that Daughter isn’t a squeely type of girl…well…she’s been squeeling a lot now!!! Her first acceptance letter is from her dream school – Southern Oregon University, into their honors program! (Now we wait for other acceptance letters and work on financial aid and scholarship offers.)”

Nov 2 , two posts – Knitting and play


The best of science fiction, manga, and animaguiri meets knit one, purl two as knit siren and part-time roller derby girl Joan of Dark offers up an out-of-this-world assortment of knitting nerdiness inside Knits for Nerds . The patterns for 30 iconic clothing and accessory items inspired by…


Hey San Leandro, come see the first play in our new “Black Box” Theater in the Arts Education Center at San Leandro High School!

Nov 4  – I went and visited Occupy Oakland.  “Images from my visit to Frank Ogawa Plaza…Negatives: the unattended information booths, the usual loitering young people that remind me of the transient dead head tribe, the usual down and out people that are in downtown Oakland talking about never getting a chance as they smoke, tents crowded together, hearing from the shopkeeper that her business is down by 70%, the expected yelling guy “I’m not radical, the truth is radical”…Positives: the woman who cleaned up and restocked the offrenda under one of the oak trees and lit fresh incense, seeing the faded grafitti remnants that Occupy people had scrubbed away pretty well, the look on the shopkeeper’s face when I told her I came into her shop specifically to buy something and support her, spinning some yarn and adding it (with a prayer for peace and healing) to the yarn/braid art just behind the interfaith tent, the two young men who are really Occupy Oakland calming yelling man and taking him away from the media van that he was assaulting, lingering on the fringes of the public Friday prayers by the Muslim congregation who gathered in front of City Hall and feeling peaceful.”

Nov 6, two posts  – “The school play opens this week! Still need a non-white hard hat. (Yeah, I know that isn’t the norm.) Today I start shopping early and report to the tech rehearsals at 11. Scrounging makeup, throw pillows, a shirt, and a wastebasket…the last minute shopping lists are always interesting.”

I list the play event on FB. “Come and see the Fall Play at San Leandro High School.  It’s open for 2 weekends.  There’s even a matinee next weekend! And you MacIain People – Daughter, Nate, and Emma are involved.  I’m loving “Mere Mortals” and “DMV Tyrant” acts especially!”

Friday, November 11 at 8:00pm

Nov 7 – “Crunch time for school play. See you all when I have a brain cell working.”

Nov 8,  three posts –“Today is first true dress rehearsal for the fall play. Two quick costume changes – one of them kinda complicated. It’ll be an interesting run through. And many thanks to Tina who came through for us with a red hard hat!”

“Looking for rope to give to Daughter…she needs to string up a few actors who are misbehaving. Ah…dress rehearsals.”

“Hey Stage Manager and Crew…”

Nov 9, 7:16 am “Yes, I hemmed linen slacks this morning before 7 am. Yes, I was in my nightgown. Yes, I am going to the dress rehearsal and hoping to hem the sleeves of a suit (tack them up actually). No, the children who are wearing these items were not at the previous rehearsals when I could have fitted them conveniently. Yes, if I get complaints, pins may be left in said clothing item. Of course, this assumes that the drama teacher and stage manager haven’t reduced them to bloody puddles in the hallway and there are bodies to dress.”

Nov 10 , 7 am – “Just finished tacking up the sleeves of a suit jacket for the play. That should do it. Tonight I sit in the house for the dress rehearsal. Tomorrow night I sit in the hallways ready with safety pins and duct tape. It’s showtime!”

Nov 11 ,  about 7 am – “Tonight is opening night. Send calming thoughts…so actors will remember lines and stage manager doesn’t kill anyone. And if you are coming to the show, and looking for best seats, stay toward the center-ish.”

So there it is…what I’ve been up to for the last month or so.  And, yes, you dear readers should support your local schools and theater and art programs…so if you are in our area, come see the fall play!

Aunt Magaidh


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