Posted by: Aunt Magaidh | December 25, 2015

Celebrate like your life depends on it

Happy Winter Celebration of Choice on this late December day.

So many of them overlap and give us the chance to join hands in joy and hope. My circle is wide, and you who read this sporadic blog are part of it, and so I celebrate you as well.

Take the moment, day, month, or season to look for the light that is so needed in this time of darkness. Take a breath to recharge and center yourself.

As a dear friend, Noel, said, “We’re much too diverse a population … to favor one flavor of joy over another, so enjoy them ALL in their splendid diversity. CELEBRATE LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPENDED ON IT, BECAUSE WHAT’S LIFE WITHOUT JOY! REMEMBER, FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!!!!!!!”

I’m off to the kitchen to make the traditional Christmas morning aebelskievers that my family looks forward to each year.

Stay warm, be kind and inclusive, and love widely.



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