About Aunt Magaidh

Hi.  Welcome to Aunt Magaidh’s House.  I’m Aunt Maghaidh  (pronounced “Maggie”) – and this is a blog about my life and interests.

No, I’m not a granny in Scotland (- although I may have been in a past life).  Actually,  I’m a 40-something-old, slightly left leaning, resident of San Leandro, CA.  And just so we’re on the up and up, my real life name isn’t Magaidh, but seeing that there are two other people in my region with the same name (and I’m already getting phone calls for them), I’ve chosen a name I use in another piece of the world.  Besides, by adopting this alter ego name I also protect the innocent.

I’m curious about how I can change my life in this time of changes – especially how I can bring the things I love to do (and things I believe in) into the everyday routines of my life. You never know when sharing your passions about spinning and knitting, cooking and preserving, gardening, spiritual questioning, environmental issues,  and volunteering will open a door to abundance.    I’m hoping to find out.

So in case you were curious, here is the list of basic info on me.

  • Native of Northern California.  Can’t deal with the concrete and heat of Southern and Central California.  (Aunt Magaidh melts in heat.  And she gets cranky when she melts.)  Blame it on my father’s genes.  He’s from Humboldt where the sun is a sometimes thing.
  • Spinner.  Of yarn.
  • Knitter.  Of yarn.
  • Curious cook.  Love to learn special things – ethnic cuisine, how to use that strange looking gadget, history of food.DSCF0001a
  • Makes awesome and interesting artisan preserves and cordials/liqueurs.  It just seems to make sense to preserve beautiful, tasty tidbits of the seasons.
  • Historical reenactor at Renaissance faires.  I spin, knit, and cook.  Reenactment allows me to pull a bunch of my other interests together.  Too, too funny that I play a Scottish fisherman’s daughter.  (My husband – also reenacting – wanted to use his Scottish ancestry as a base for our characters.  My real life dad is a fisherman, so I had to pull that experience with me.)  And I also play an English spinner if the faire calls for it.
  • Loving wife and mother of equally loving husband and daughter.   Oh yeah, and I really love my family and friends who are altogether slightly insane and wonderful.
  • Apt to grow somewhat passionate when discussing cooking, knitting, spinning, blind bureaucracy, sustainable design, environmental issues, community building, and the plight of the underdog.
  • I believe in sharing our stories.

That’s good enough to get started.  Shall we?


  1. Thanks, Magaidh, for a calm beginning to what could be a stressful day. I found your blog via “Behind the Burlap” and have thoroughly enjoyed reading each post you’ve made. Your passion comes through and I look forward to checking back from time to time to see what you’re up to out there on the West Coast.

    Maybe some day … we’ll see you at Faire!


    • Glad you like the blog. Glad to know that another Rennie found me. I’m currently getting ready for out last faire of the season, Folsom Renaissance Faire. Might have to write a post about the last minute bodice sewing…ack.
      See you around!

  2. Hi–
    I accidentally stumbled across you and wondered…hmmm …’s mom maybe? Sure ’nuff. I’m Nate’s mom. I enjoyed meeting you at our Lord of the Rings party. Maybe we can really spin together sometime.

    • Just give a call. We can set up a time. I’m working on 3 spinning projects right now…yes, I’m quite silly.

  3. Hi, I would like to read your comments on this site. I’m in the SCA but I also play my harp at local Renn faires. I enjoy your viewpoint.

    • You can see the comments by hitting the “comments” on each post.

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