Wish list

I’m so bad about keeping track of things I’m looking for or desperately wanting as I find out about them.    I figured if I put it here, I’d always find the list for when my husband wants to get me a good anniversary gift, my brother asks for the household wish lists for Christmas, or if I am looking for a part that has eluded me and I end up in a dusty junk shop and know I’m searching for something special.  (“Scuse me…can you look up my wishlist on your  iTouch?”  Tacky, but sometimes obsession gets ugly.)

  • Distaff for wool – still trying to research this.
  • Distaff for linen – I want to learn to spin linen.  Crazy, I know, but it just seems sooooo cool.
  • Peruvian hand spindle – I gave my super cool one to my aunt-in-law when she got some alpacas.  It only seemed right.  Now I want another.
  • Fiber – quivit, bison, muskox down, angora, Blue Faced Leister, Poworth, Wensleydale, Icelandic, and other yummy stuff.  (How do you spell “addict”?)
  • Margo Anderson’s, The Tudor Lady’s Wardrobe costume pattern.
  • Reconstructing History’s #603, Early Tudor Common Woman’s Outfit pattern.
  • Womanswork gloves, size large, high performance garden glove or original work glove, or deerskin work glove,  http://www.womanswork.com/catalog/womens-gloves-c-21.html?gclid=CLaa86_Vw6QCFQ90gwodAytwCw
  • Chinese clay pot casserole, sand pot.  Medium and large sizes. Like this one, with two handles.  Please.  I want to experiment! http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/Dictionary/C/Chinese-Clay-Pot-7127.aspx
  • More time to play without feeling guilty that I should be doing something “useful”.
  • Cast iron lid for my Dutch oven that lost its original one.
  • A pair of blue classic Dansko clogs
  • Books – The Tudor Tailor, The Tudor Housewife, The Compendium of Common Knowledge
  • Bobbins for Schacht Matchless wheel
  • A great job – fun people, great atmosphere, good pay, wonderful service/product.  Especially interested in doing crafty, people, or eco-friendly  things.
  • Global health
  • World peace

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