These are in no particular order.  Stream of consciousness saves the day.

Knitting.  I’m a bit of an anarchist knitter – I can’t always follow a pattern.

Yes, it is a knitted chicken.

Yes, it is a knitted chicken.

I am currently trying to use stash for projects.  I’ve been known for knitting 80% of the Christmas/winter gifts that my family gives in a year.  Taught by my blind grandmother-in-law about 18 years ago.  Thanks Grandma Cain.

Spinning.  Oh, the lovely fleece!  Oh, the soothing rhythm.  Oh, the stash creation!

Cooking.  Chinese, Middle Eastern, low fat, low salt, fusion, Hawaiian, Native American, Shaker, Renaissance, Colonial, camping…oh, the books that fight it out on the bookshelf.  I’m intrigued by the way each culture feeds it’s people.  You learn so much about a people by sharing their food.

The Environment.  Poor thing!  We screw it up so much.  But my family and I are doing what we can to lower our carbon footprint, conserve water and soil and energy, maintain and protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.  Sometimes it’s the small things we can do consistently that will make a larger change possible.  Yes, I have wrestled with seals.

Preserving.  You know, like in glass jars.  I’m sure that this is related to a hidden scientist in me.

Gardens.  Growing one, visiting them, looking at pictures of them, helping people create them.  I love teaching kids about gardening.  I love being in the garden with my beloved husband.


Historical reenactment.  Who knew that all the strange skills and interests would lead me into the reenactment world.  But as a part of a guild that recreates a Scottish clan of the Renaissance, I use my unexpected knowledge in very tangible ways.  Sure, I can cook an entire meal for a family of 12 over an open fire using period appropriate ingredients.  While I’m wearing long skirts and a bodice.  Without a single piece of Calphalon in sight.

Community.  Okay folks–here comes the dangerous idea: I believe we are all part of the same community.  Deep down.  And that means that we have a lot of work to do because we are really having a problem getting along.  But until we do all get along, I’m doing my best to expand and strengthen the little circles of community I live in.

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